What Is A Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction refers to the removal of a tooth from the mouth and can refer to either permanent or primary (baby) teeth.  Although permanent teeth are the second and final set of teeth we receive, there are a number of reasons why the patient might benefit from their removal.

Tooth ExtractionWhy might I need to have a tooth extracted?

There are a number of reasons a tooth may need to be extracted, including:

  • A badly fractured or decayed tooth, where there is not enough tooth remaining to fill or restore the tooth
  • Severe trauma
  • As an alternative to root canal treatment
  • Loss of bone or gum support due to periodontal (gum) disease
  • Together with orthodontics, in cases where teeth are too crowded and insufficient space is present to proper align the teeth and bite
  • Primary (baby) teeth that do not fall out properly

ExtractionWhat are the benefits of tooth extractions?

Benefits of tooth extractions may include:

  • Relief of tooth-related pain
  • Elimination of infection
  • Preservation of nearby teeth and gum
  • Reduce risk of infection as a risk to overall systemic health
  • Allow for more ideal tooth spacing
  • Replace a compromised tooth with a more predictable and stable treatment option
  • Improved ability to clean and maintain teeth

What options do I have for replacing a tooth that needs to be extracted?

There are three main options for replacing missing teeth: dental implant, bridge, or removable partial denture. See our dental implant, bridge, and partial denture pages to learn more about these treatment options. There are a number of advantages to each, so there is not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to replacing teeth. We here at 44 West Dental Professionals are happy to spend the time discussion your unique situation and the pros and cons for each option for you.

Do I need to see an oral surgeon to have my tooth removed?

Our doctors here at 44 West Dental Professionals are trained to extract teeth right here in our office. There are a number of situations such as difficult wisdom teeth or badly broken teeth that are best managed by an oral surgeon. Our doctors are happy to discuss your unique case and will always recommend what is best for your care. 

Do I need to get my third molars (wisdom teeth) extracted if they aren’t bothering me?

wisdom-toothThere are several reasons why it may be recommend to have your wisdom teeth removed. These reasons may include:

  • Inadequate room for the teeth to erupt properly
  • Impacted or improper eruption angle of the tooth
  • Positioning that negatively affects gum health
  • Positioning that could lead to root decay or resorption of neighboring teeth
  • Partially erupted third molars that create opportunity for infection
  • Decay
  • Inability to adequately reach tooth for proper home care

Although modern research shows that removing wisdom teeth is beneficial for most patients, there are situations where keeping the teeth is the better option. We always consider each patient’s unique situation and desires when making treatment recommendations.

I think I might need to have a tooth extracted, what should I do next?

Dr. Wierenga, Dr. Doublestein, and Dr. Treierweiler along with our dedicated staff here at 44 West Dental Professionals are trained to consider each individual’s case and are happy to discuss if tooth extraction is the right treatment option for you. We are also able to answer any of your questions about potential tooth replacement options for extracted or missing teeth. Give us a call at (616) 530-2200 to schedule an evaluation today.

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