Why We’re Here

Joshua K.

“As a doctor myself, I’m never thrilled to be on the other end of the doctor-patient relationship. But at 44 West Dental Professionals, I feel as comfortable as possible in the capable hands of the very professional staff. Thank you for putting me at ease.”

Sarah B.

“I’m glad 44 West Dental Professionals is able to take care of our whole family conveniently. The staff even won over my very active toddler by letting him “help” with my cleaning and play with the chairside air and water before his exam. All five of us love it here!”

Malcolm B.

“Terrific practice. You’re not just health care providers but friends.”

Dale L.

“I have gone to over six dental offices in my lifetime: some good, some not so much. The team at 44 West is simply the best. Everyone from the dentist to the hygienist and clerical staff is all very personable and professional. The office uses a team approach and it is apparent that everyone enjoys working together. As far as dental work, I have been happy with all my work, which includes fillings, crowns, and root canals. This is in addition to my checkups and cleanings. If you are looking for great dental care, look no further.”

Jacquie K.

“The office staff is very professional, kind and caring. I really enjoy that they work with each patient’s needs, concerns and conditions to make the experience as comfortable as possible. I would HIGHLY recommend them to others.”

Kari B.

“I have been coming here since I was a small child. They’ve moved offices during that time and some of my favorites have left, but I still feel very at home! Now my husband is a patient, and soon my kids will be too! They are extremely professional, kind and caring, and I would definitely recommend them!!”

Camille E.

“I have been coming here since I was a teenager some 30-odd years ago. I would never consider going anywhere else for my dental care. They are awesome, very professional and very competent. Great care from all the staff there!”