We’re honored that you’ve chosen us as your new dental home. On your first visit, we’ll introduce you to our staff and office environment, conduct a thorough examination, and take any necessary x-rays. A doctor will review your dental history and current dental needs, taking ample time to listen to concerns and answer questions, and a hygienist will perform a dental cleaning if appropriate. Because we want to be as complete and comprehensive as possible when welcoming you to our practice and planning to care for your future dental needs, we typically schedule two hours for the initial office visit.

In some cases, usually because of acute, time-sensitive dental concerns or emergencies, a new patient exam may be scheduled as an abbreviated, doctor-only exam. If a new patient is anticipating the need for immediate and complex dental care, this type of doctor-only exam may be appropriate. In this case, the appointment would be shorter and would not include a professional cleaning by a hygienist.